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Heirloom Textile Seeds

Heirloom Textile Seeds is a textile company specialized in traditional textile techniques and materials. Our primary aim is to sell traditional textiles and materials to the open market, whilst offering online workshops to universities. Students will learn sustainable and ethical techniques from specialists within their field via an online chat service. 

We provide a multicultural marketplace, selling special materials and textiles from around the world that will help to introduce new consumers to local small mills and craftsman worldwide. Also it is a good opportunity for textile experts to sell their work.

By learning traditional textiles through online workshops students have opportunities to learn the value of traditional textiles, and expand their knowledge and creative skills. 

Traditional textiles have developed with us from the past; they are part of our history. For example, our ancestors in their wisdom dyed yarn using food scraps and spun yarns by using leftover materials. These are sustainable and ethical practices that will be important in the future of textiles. 

Our aim is to carry traditional textiles and techniques into our future. Our long-term plan is to help to develop local textile societies involved with us. 

Textile Journeys

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