Emi makes pottery using RAKU technique. She has made vases, tea bowls and stone series of boxes with this technique. She enjoys to play making these dutiful colours using this raku technique.

Pottery with

Marimo Green

Emi likes to use copper for her textiles. She has also created her own glazing using copper for her potteries too. This glazing is called "Marino Green" which is the name of a  special type of moss ball seen in a particular lake in Hokkaido, Japan. All bowls and cups are made by hand throwing.


with Miyako Grey

Emi has created this type of grey colour glazing, called "Miyako grey". The name is taken from her russian blue cat, Miyako. Miyako likes to stay all the time around Emi when she is working on her potteries.

Pottery with

White Moss

Emi has created this white texture glazing inspired by a recipe from of Japanese traditional glazing technique. She has created her own recipe adapted to her own style and named this glazing "White Moss".

Ancient pottery

Emi has explored how to make ancient pottery using natural clay and ancient techniques. She would like to continue for research these area.

Pottery with Textiles

Emi has made a series of objects using mixing her knowledge of pottery and textile techniques.


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