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sei-ran 青藍

Emi Fujisawa, slow fashion collection 2021S/S

There are at least 48 different shades of indigo dye described in Japan and Sei-ran is the name of one of these indigo shades. Emi decided to name her first collection Sei-ran as is the closest shade of indigo blue to the one that she created to hand-dye her garments, but also in honour of traditional hand-dyeing techniques.


kira trousers

Materials;  vintage french cotton/line.

Buttons; shell buttons.

Dye; hand tie - dye with indigo.



Her collection has also a focus on slow fashion and fair trade as opposed to mass production. Based in this concept, her garments are all carefully handmade and hand-dyed in England, and she only makes her garments by order instead of having a stock of garments. As she gets her fabrics from antique/vintage markets she may not be able to have the same fabrics shown on her samples and will make your ordered garment with fabrics of similar value and characteristics, minumum in 2-3 weeks. We will contact you how long will take your order after you purchased. We cannot accept cancelles and returns as we make garment for only orders.


-Natural dye-

The garments are hand dyed with natural dyes. Please wash by hand separately. The natural Dyes may rub off on your clothes and hands. Variations/unevenness of colour and gradual fading are a characteristic of this type of garment dyeing.



Please understand that tie dye is not able to make exactly same pattern and colour with the sample of garment. The effect of tie dye is defferent by depend on the fabrics. Specially Emi use antique/vintage fabrics which are all different. Both kira sirese, kira dress and kira trousers are made by same technique on different type of linen fabrics, but they show different colour as all fabrics have different characters.


-Dye, repair after service-

She hopes that her garments will be worn and enjoyed for many years. Therefore, she provides a dye and repair service to support you. Natural dyes fade and lose their colours quicker when compared with synthetic dyes, and if there are any holes, she can mend them using weaving techniques, patchwork techniques and others. All her garments are compostable as all materials used are natural.

sei-ran 青藍 collection, kira trousers

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  • Unfortunately we can not accept cancelations or returns for items of the sei-ran 青藍 fashion collection as are bespoke made  clothes.