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Weaving with copper yarns is one of Emi's unique skills. She has created special weavings with copper and natural dyed silk yarns.

Timeless Tale

The earth moves, the sky changes, the tree grows and slowly it absorbs the sunlight. The moss is gradually transpiring in the shade. Individuals accept individuals and they bond with each other. Emi is exploring the passage of time through textiles. Inspired by time-honored textiles and techniques, Emi has developed cooper weaves from natural dyed materials, encompassing a strong focus on natural, sustainable, and ethical materials. These works have been explored onwards from her previous piece "Passing of the Time” 2013. The collection was presented at the Peggy Jay Gallery, Hampstead Museum.

Passing of the time

The stars that we see in our sky is light that took hundreds or thousands of years to arrive to us. We live in the present but we can see the past through the stars. The earth is moving and the night sky keeps changing, planets are covered in water and gas which changes their appearance regularly.

Emi explored different processes of how time can slowly change textiles. This collection was presented as her degree show at Chelsea College of Art Design, University Art of London.

Small copper weavings

Emi created these series of small copper weaves as a first stage when she started developing her techniques for weaving with cooper.

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