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slow fashion collections by emi fujisawa

Emi is a textile and ceramic artist/designer that specialises in hand weaving and natural dyeing techniques and dyes. She has been collecting traditional antique & vintage textiles around the world and created her collection by using traditional textiles and techniques, as traditional textiles and techniques are sustainable, recyclable, natural and slow-fashion.

EmiFujisawa-Seiran-2021SS-013 - coat -1.
EmiFujisawa-Seiran-2021SS-009 - jacket -

She has used only antique natural fabrics, organic natural fabrics, hand-woven natural fabrics, and traditional textiles for her collection. Focusing on these materials made by sustainable methods, she honours the value of traditional textiles and hand-woven fabrics while she imagines the history and background of these vintage fabrics as she brings them to a new life as part of her garments.

fabric samples.jpg
natural yarns.jpg

The fabrics used for this collection have diverse origins; some found in antique/vintage markets from England, Europe, and Japan as she explores the world on her textile research trips, others are hand weaved by herself using special materials like kibiso silk yarn, hand spun linens and others. She also likes to use natural buttons and handmade ceramic flower buttons for her clothes.

kibiso weaving.jpg
ceramic flower buttons.jpg
EmiFujisawa-Seiran-2021SS-014 - top -6.j

She sees garments as something to be not only enjoyed by the person who is wearing them, but also by the people that surrounds the person. However, she likes to add a special detail for the person who is wearing the garment. That’s why all her garments are well-finished even inside with details like all covered over locked seams, special details left to be seen by the wearer and the use special materials. All her garments come with details of the materials used to let you dream about the origins or how they were made.

EmiFujisawa-Seiran-2021SS-010 - jacket -
EmiFujisawa-Seiran-2021SS-015 - top -5.j
EmiFujisawa-Seiran-2021SS-006-sawa dress
Her collection has also a focus on slow fashion and fair trade as opposed to mass production. Based in this concept, her garments are all carefully handmade and hand-dyed in England, and she only makes her garments by order instead of having a stock of garments. As she gets her fabrics from antique/vintage markets she may not be able to have the same fabrics shown on her samples and will make your ordered garment with fabrics of similar value and characteristics, usually in 2-3 weeks.
katazome samples.jpg
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