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The Cotswold Jumper by emi fujisawa.

Materials; Cotswold wool and indigo dyed kibiso silk.
Emi has worked this project with the local farm in Cotswold, Homegrown at Hampen and skilled hand knitter. She has created several samples with them since this spring. This wool is truly from Cotswold and then hand knitted on the all processes.
The kibiso yarn is used for stitching all part of jumper together. The kibiso silk is one of sustainable yarn from Japan. Emi has a long term relationship with the family run silk mill in Japan. They make the kibiso yarn using wasted silk. The kibiso yarn is one of Emi’s favorite materials. Emi also hand dyed the kibiso silk with indigo.

Emi and her team will take minimum a month for your order.
Pleases make your order from here.

Photographs of sheep and yarn are from Homegrown at Hampen.
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