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Natural dyeing ​with plants

Strongly influenced by traditional textiles and techniques that introduced her into the world of natural dyeing, she started researching natural dyeing by using flowers, plants and vegetables that she would find around her when she was an art student in London. She has researched, experimented and developed several different techniques of natural dyeing and created her own colour palettes only using natural dyes. Like mixing paints, she can make colours with her own special recipes. ​All of her textiles are made using silk yarns which are afterwards dyed with natural dyes from her own recipes.


Natural dyeing ​with chalks


Emi wondered about how humans started making dyes for the first time. One of the very first techniques was the use of muds, so she travelled along the English coasts collecting chalks with different colours and after many experiments, she managed to successfully develop dyeing techniques for her yarns without the use of any chemicals and create her own colour palettes.



Your can see more about her hand weaving using these natural dyed yarns with chalks by clicking the link below .

Natural dye with minerals

Emi likes to collect stones with beutiful minerals. Exproling dyes with mineral was such a big discovering for her and made her new range of natural dyes for her work. These expriences made her to express her work using pottery.
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