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slow fashion
sekkai-seki, 石灰石 jumper

Emi likes to visit small quaint villages to see old English buildings, churches and stone houses with their peculiar walls, gardens, etc, and visit village cafes.


She likes to imagine what the background and history might be for these old buildings and observe their structures. Some buildings have walls made of several patches using different types of stones or have gone through several modifications as they have gone through the centuries.


She finally managed to fulfil one of her dreams by moving to live into an old cottage house built at the end of the 18th century, and she has started to learn more about how these properties were built and the materials used, and is glad to be part now a small piece of the long story of a period house, aiming to conserve the property for the next generations.


Inspired by her interests old English buildings, churches and stone houses she has made her slow fashion sekkai-seki jumper. Sekkai-seki is limestone in Japanese.


She used different types of antique and vintage linens as the base of the garment and then she added patches of other fabrics with hand stitching. The sleeves are hand-knitted using her favourite sustainable material, kibiso silk. The ceramic buttons are handmade by her as well.

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