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ko-ke (苔)

slow fashion collection for a/w 2021

ko-ke (苔) is her second slow fashion collection after sei-ran(青藍). Ko-ke has meaning of moss in Japanese. koke inspires her works strongly. She has made the moss colour using food waist and indigo dye.  


Emi has used only antique fabrics, organic natural fabrics, hand loomed natural fabrics, traditional textiles and very valued natural materials for her collection.


Focusing on these materials made by sustainable methods, she honours the value of traditional textiles and hand loomed fabrics while she imagines the history and background of these antique fabrics as she brings them to a new life as part of her garments.



Her collection has also a focus on slow fashion and fair trade as opposed to mass production. Based in this concept, her garments are all carefully handmade and hand-dyed in England, and she only makes her garments by order instead of having a stock of garments.

ko-ke (苔) collection has been exhibiting at the otherprojections, Islington, London.
Islington Square x South Arcade,
116 Upper St, London N1 1AB
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