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A small hand built Matcha tea bowl decorated with my handmade glazes based on Japanese traditional recipe and oxide.


Created with a Japanese ceramic technique, kurinuki. Kurinuki technique is making a outcome carving out from a block of clay without adding any pieces of clay.


Created this white texture glazing inspired by a recipe from of Japanese traditional glazing technique. I have created my own recipe adapted to my own style and named this white textured glaze “White Moss”.


The bowl is created with layers of different glazes and which made unique reactions, thickness, bubbles and cracks on the surface.


One of a kind bowl.


The bowl is for a small Matcha bowl originally but good size for drinking any tea.


Weight265 gm
Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 7 cm

kurinuki tea bowl

£65.00 Regular Price
£61.75Sale Price
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