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Please read the detaill of this garment on the slow fashion page before making your order.





Her collection has also a focus on slow fashion and fair trade as opposed to mass production. Based in this concept, her garments are all carefully handmade and hand-dyed in England, and she only makes her garments by order instead of having a stock of garments. As she gets her fabrics from antique/vintage markets she may not be able to have the same fabrics shown on her samples and will make your ordered garment with fabrics of similar value and characteristics, minimum in 2-3 weeks. This item will take a month with the hand knitting process. We will contact you how long will take your order after you purchased. We cannot accept cancelles and returns as we make garment for only orders.

sekkai seki jumper

SKU: sekkaiseki1
£490.00 Regular Price
£441.00Sale Price
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