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Emi Fujisawa is a Japanese textile and ceramic artist/designer based in England specialized in hand weaving with natural materials and natural dyeing. She is trained as a Japanese Sukumo Indigo Dyer in Japan and she is planning to set up a Japanese Sukumo Indigo Studio in England.
While working at her art in England, she realised that she felt strongly identified with some of the traditional Japanese philosophies, specially "Wabi-Sabi", which is a world view centred on the acceptance of transience and finding beauty in imperfection, and likes to observe the effects of time and the elements of the nature over the objects who give them an imperfect beauty.

She is also influenced by the study of traditional textiles, techniques and materials from around the globe, inspired by Confucius words, who said: "We can learn new things from the past". She loves to explore different countries and find traditional materials, techniques and ideas. She has developed her own style to express her art which is based in a Japanese identity with European influences. 

Natural Dyeing

Dyeing with natural elements from earth (plants, vegetables, rocks)

​Hand Weaving

Hand-woven textiles using silk and cooper

Other Textiles

Hand stitching with traditional Japanese techniques and hand knitting with traditional dyeing techniques.


Wheel thrown and hand built stoneware pottery with self-made glazings.


​Her works available for sale at the online shop.

Textile Journeys

She loves to explore traditional textiles, techniques and materials around the globe.

Heirloom Textile Seeds

Through of her textile journeys around the world she has learned traditional textile techniques that wants to keep for the next generations. This is one of her objectives as a textile artist.

About Emi

Details about her art projects and exhibitions.

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