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Fuji, 藤 is Emi Fujisawa’s third slow fashion collection.  
Named after the Japanese name for Wisteria, which is one of Emi’s favourite flowers - and part of her name, the collection is hand dyed with English Madder and Indigo.
Emi uses antique and vintage natural fabrics, organic natural fabrics and hand-woven natural fabrics for her collections.  
Focusing on these materials made by sustainable methods, she honours the value of traditional textiles and hand-woven cloth – simultaneously she imagines the history and background of the cloth that she brings new life in the shape of her garments.  
The cloth used have diverse origins, being found in antique/vintage markets in England, Europe and Japan on her textile research trips.  Emi also hand weaves some cloth, using special materials, such as Kibiso silk yarn and hand spun linen yarn, for instance.
Emi also likes making the ceramic buttons by hand, herself.
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